New Year, New Job!

It’s an interesting coincidence that on the day the CIPR release their “State of PR” industry survey findings, I finally get round to writing a blog post about the change in direction my own career is taking.

I know this was announced formally last week but I was busy battling small-person conjunctivitis, my day job, a frozen shoulder and a guest lecture at the University of Ulster. Forgive me!

I say it’s interesting because two key findings stood out for me in the 2015 survey; (I) the most valuable asset for PR practitioners to have and (ii) the future skills challenges for industry professionals:

These both fit pretty neatly into why I’m making a move in my career. I’m going back to “the Dark Side” of agency work (industry jokes) after more than half a decade in-house across a range of sectors. This is because, like many other PRo’s, I value my industry experience and skills highly and professional development, for me, lay in an agency environment.

Of course moving jobs is about more than what is to be personally gained and the future challenges infographic reminded me of the additional skills I believe I will bring to my new team – namely social/digital media and communications – in fact that was the very topic I was lecturing (stroke-putting-to-sleep) students on last week.

But I’m a picky person and after two years blogging about the local Communications industry I am in possession of more behind-the-scenes knowledge than most. So despite the plethora of agencies in the region, it would take a very special one, made up of a unique set of people with ambitious and courageous plans, to encourage me to jump ship at this point in my life.

That ship is Clearbox Communications and, whether local rivals would admit it or not, this agency is very exciting. I am both honoured and delighted that Anna and John would allow me to be part of their adventure.

I’m also nervous as hell but that’s to be expected with change. Nothing truly worthwhile is ever gained without pushing through a little fear!

I start in two weeks’ time and I just know the work we’ll be doing will make for some fun and inspiring blog posts so stay tuned for those…

Me - looking as excited as I feel - holding the now-famous Clearbox Quote Marks!


    • Thanks Ben, your post was much more detailed than mine but I think we’re on the same page! Glad to see your ideas getting traction online 🙂

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