Infographics and video in PR

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. Images and video (in the content marketing world) get far more “bang for your buck” than traditional copy. Whether you’re a campaigning charity, local business or global brand, video engages people in your story in a much more powerful way.

Like most people my own personal Facebook feed is littered with video clips being shared by people. Blog fans are also increasingly moving to vlogs and YouTube channels. It’s been claimed that YouTube gets two billion hits per day, twice as many as 4 years ago. Nowadays it would seem we’re all creating more TV than we’re watching so the lack of video content in any PR/marketing strategy becomes conspicuous by its absence.

However videos aren’t easy to produce. They take time to make, skill to edit and need a strategic direction (even for the shortest of virals) if they have any chance of being picked up. But once they are picked up, they can take on a life of their own.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find good local examples of this. Recently, in my day job, we’ve been looking to create infographic annual reports and infomercial type promotional videos for new projects. It was more of a challenge than expected to find people who produce this type of work, or indeed, local examples to sell the idea to seniors.

DePaul Ireland did a great infographic annual report that you can read here. These kind of snapshot stats are increasingly becoming the way in which we take in information of this type and it’s also aesthetically pleasing which, in the past, most annual reports were not. Plus, they used my colour – orange – so I’m biased!

DePaul Ireland Annual Report 2012

Local charity Include Youth have also produced a great short video on Vimeo for their latest campaign #BlowYourSocksOff that highlights their Give and Take Scheme.

I’d love to see more examples like this, if anyone has links to them, as we work to step up our own game in this field and reap the promised rewards.